What We Do

Find money
Pioneering new sales is one of the most difficult tasks facing marketing and manufacturing companies and we fulfil the role which many Senior Directors/Managers would like to if they could just dedicate the quality time and resource which we are able to do on their behalf.

Business Seekers focuses at the very ‘sharp end’ to generate important new sales opportunities.

We contact our established network, key buyers and ‘decision makers’ and present our clients’ product ranges. Where appropriate we also discuss product concepts to initiate own label ranges to Buyers and Category Managers. We provide the sales drive, thrust, energy and determination to explore ‘virgin’ markets and major new Accounts.

In addition to constantly driving the business forward, our role is to ensure the most effective sales strategy is successfully implemented over the time spans as agreed. We are also the constant link between our Client as their Senior Sales Manager and the Buying team to make sure everything runs smoothly and fluently.

Our remuneration is based on a monthly fee structure which is agreed on the sales revenue we look to generate plus the number of days we commit each month to achieve such targets. As an incentive, we also take a commission on all sales we generate.

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