What We Do

Pioneering new sales is one of the most difficult tasks facing marketing and manufacturing companies and we fulfil the role which many Senior Directors/Managers would like to, if only they could dedicate the quality, time and resource which we are successfully able to do on their behalf.

Getting new brands into Retail and Online in any market whether it be UK, Europe or in any major market worldwide provides real challenges for the brand owner. How do you get to that decision making Buyer with so many barriers to get through?

Our focus is to open those gates for you and put you in front of the right people – and crucially at the right time. We are your driver and navigator to bring you the sales success you aspire to achieve.

Now it get’s even better….

We learn everything about your business: your products, distribution, capabilities, your marketing plans including social media and your aspirations to maximise your business over + 12 months– in short, anything a buyer (and sometimes his/her team) need to know about your business.

Working at the ‘very sharp end’, we talk to our well established network, key buyers category managers and ‘decision makers’ presenting your brands/product ranges. Where appropriate we also discuss product concepts to initiate own label ranges. We provide the sales drive, thrust, energy and determination to open up new channels and sectors for you and to explore ‘virgin’ and non performing markets. 

Our role is also to ensure the most effective sales strategy is successfully implemented over the time spans as agreed. We act as your constant link with the Buyer/Buying/Sales & Marketing//Financial team in all aspects of the business alongside any specialist expertise which may be needed from time to time