Since 2013 ioNatura created and manufactured in Italy has become a major Babies and Mums Natural Skincare brand across EU. In this highly competitive category, ioNatura has become a disruptive brand giving it a leading edge advantage in Department Stores, Pharmacy, Parapharmacy, Baby Retailers, Natural & Wellbeing, upscale Grocery and Online specialists.


Aromatherapy Gold had a nicely established independent sector trading base. The Business Seekers strategy was to focus on a range of major Retailers, covering Department Stores to Grocery utilising different product packaging and tweaking some merchandising material. We also launched complimentary products for pets and launched through the UK’s largest Retailer. In addition 4 large Garden Centres and 2 Airport/Travel Retail groups including Motorway Service areas  were very successfully targeted and established as ongoing store outlets maximising impulse purchasing potential. We also assisted with logistical and supply chain issues to ensure product supply to the new network.

Merumaya Skin Care is enjoying tremendous success since its initial launch in 2013-2014. The Merumaya brand has gone from strength to strength, not only in the UK, but also in several European markets and beyond. Recent launches include Benelux and the USA, where the range has quickly established itself through selling the success story and creating brand awareness, which has snowballed during the last 12 months. Maleka Dattu, CEO of Merumaya, is highly egarded in the Skin Care industry (SVP/GM Estee Lauder Companies USA), advising Governments and Professional bodies on a whole host of issues. Business Seekers has been instrumental in growing sales in the UK, and several major markets, including the USA, Europe and the Middle East; and we recently launched in Nigeria.   

The most innovative Natural Male Teenager Range of Toiletries because it’s the most vibrant ‘in your face’ brand ever launched! 808 Dude was established in Australia in 2013 and it has now been launched across several Asian countries and currently being trialed, tested and launched in UK and Europe. The small range of 4 SKU’s which includes Natural Skin treatments is perfect for wide distribution including Pharmacy, OTC, Sport, Fashion and Grocery. By the way, the brand’s ‘core’ message is directed at Mums, not the lads themselves although they create the demand through high level social media exposure – and their Mums buy!