Additional Benefits

Online Focus – Would you like to know how to get a product into pure-play? With over 10 years of business development experience in online products, including business-to-business, reseller channels and direct-to-consumer solutions, we can help you get your product in a position to build the revenue you deserve.

NPD and Private Label- We undertake major projects involving concept testing / product acceptability with key Category Buyers across all channels. We closely liaise with Clients & Customers to maximize the opportunity for single products / multiple ranges across most channels and sectors.

People Skills – We  can assess the quality of your Customer Services, your  Sales Managers, your Sales personnel and your Sales Agents.

Competitive Activity – Competition, Product Advantages & USP’s, Prices and Distribution.

Online – Expanding e-commerce and m-commerce capability (we have several partners for technical support).

Logistics – Warehousing, Pick and Pack Operations,  Reducing Postal/Mailing Costs.